Team RPC Projects

Ludum Dare 45

Ludum Dare 45

St. Ezreal's School of Espers

Ludum Dare 45 Jam entry. Not actually a game, it's a visual novel. Made by Chris.

Date: October 2019

Status: Playable

Ludum Dare 42

Ludum Dare 42

To Grow Without Space

Our Ludum Dare 42 Jam entry. Made by Chris and David.

Date: September 2018

Status: Playable

Agents of D.E.C.T.I.L.E.

Ludum Dare 36

Agents of D.E.C.T.I.L.E.

Our Ludum Dare 36 entry. Made by Chris. Agents of D.E.C.T.I.L.E. is a game about solving mysteries of supernatural origin.

Date: September 2016

Status: Unplayable unless you are a CLI god.

Thellow the Yellow Fellow

Thellow the Yellow Fellow

Our Ludum Dare 33 entry. Made by Chris, Brandon, David and Mike. A simple runner game where you are the monster.

Date: August 2015

Status: Playable.

guess that LoL champion game

Name that Champion

A League of Legends trivia game. Enter the name for the champion shown, and see if you can correctly name all 100+ champions of the game.

Status: Playable. Alpha stage.

Ludum Dare 31 multiplayer maze game

LD31 JAM game

Ludum Dare project. Attempted to make a multiplayer maze game. Theme was "entire game on one screen" We didn't finish.

Status: Incomplete, Abandoned

Ludum Dare 30 multiplayer fighting

LD30 JAM game

Ludum Dare project. Attempted to make a multiplayer fighting game. "Connected worlds" theme, so we did robots vs. knights. We didn't finish.

Status: Incomplete, Abandoned

(unofficial) AoT Tribute Game (unoffical)

AoT Tribute game

We wanted to see if we could get the AoT Tribute Game running on a website other than

Status: Failed. game is scripted to not work on other domains

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